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Janice Levi - Elegant Finials

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As a child, I was blessed with parents and brothers who constantly challenged me to try new things, to experiment, to explore, to analyze, to create.  As an adult, I entered the field of secondary education, and have taught journalism, photography, and drama.  I then became a counselor, working with at risk and discipline problem students in alternative school settings.  

A few years before retirement, I revived an old interest from my childhood—my father’s old Sears lathe and those times that he would let me hold a turning tool to a scrap of wood.  I wanted to do that again, so in 2001, my husband gave me a lathe for my birthday.  I immediately joined the local Houston area woodturner’s organization and found that I had just entered a man’s world.  But the men were gracious and two who lived nearby became my mentors, insisting that I learn toolmanship and safety.

I was fortunate to serve as president of the Houston area club, the Waco club and SWAT

2012.  Although I was honored to serve those organizations, it has always been the turning, the teaching and the demonstrating that I have really loved.  In recent years, I have begun turning purses and jewelry, a great way to wear those wonderful pieces of turned art out in public.

Today, woodturning has become more than a hobby—it has become my passion.  After fifteen years, it is as new and as challenging as it was when I first started.